Cardboard cores


BALTKARTS Ltd cores are made from continuous strips of cardboard. For our cardboard tubes and cores production we use 100% recycled cardboard. This cardboard is specially designed for cardboard tube and core production.

Cardboard cores aplications:

  • For textile materials:

    • threads

    • yarns

    • rubbers

    • ropes

    • various fabrics etc.

  • For technical materials:

    • PET films

    • meshs

    • papers

    • boards etc..

  • Packing materials:

    • packing bags

    • packing PET films

    • tapes

We can produce cardboard tubes and core in size ranges from:

Inner diametr (d): 25 mm -150 mm

Wall thickness (s): 1.2 mm - 10 mm

Lenght (l): 20 mm - 3500 mm 

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